Beach House Blues

I love everything about being at the beach. Spending the days (which quickly blend together) laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean and sitting on the porch. Lots of bonding time with family – cooking dinner together, catching up on family news (i.e. gossip), and playing games at night. In my mind, the best beach houses exude these feelings and are bright, fun, and relaxed.

I thought it might be fun from time to time to feature beach houses I’d love to live in here on the blog, as well as maybe get some inspiration for my parent’s Sunset Beach, North Carolina home.

Cortney Bishop beach blue

Corntey Bishop beach blue 7

Cortney Bishop beach blue 9
Corntey Bishop beach blue 6

Cortney Bishop beach blue 2

Cortney Bishop beach blue 5

Corntey Bishop beach blue 8

Design: Cortney Bishop

Location: Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

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