Does everyone dream of opening their own business?

I’ve been out of college for almost four years now, and a lot has changed. I moved back home, then to DC, where I have bounced around apartments (at least four). L and I went from living together in college to now living an hour away from each other and visiting on weekends. I initially struggled to find a job and now have been working at the same place for three years.

One constant has always been a small voice in my head (and heart) telling me I should open up my own small business. The idea for the business has changed over time, (clothing brand, small cafe to a furniture/home/gifts store) but the idea to take a risk and chase this dream has always been there.

Of course, quitting a safe and boring job for a risky and scary adventure is difficult to actually do. Pushing myself to do something which has a very real possibility of failure and judgement from others, is absolutely a reason I haven’t acted on this dream. At the same time, sometimes I wonder if in ten years, I regret not taking this leap…

Throughout the years, I’ve found myself reading about many young twenty-somethings who have followed their passion and started their own business. Some of my favorite stores, that serve as inspiration for my dream business, include:

duke and winston

Duke & Winston – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

How he started here.


The Grove Street Press – New Orleans, Louisiana.

How these cousins started here.


The Fort Orange General Store – Albany New York.

How these friends started here.


Wooden Slippers – Brooklyn, New York.

How he started here.

Screen shot 2016-01-14 at 7.03.21 PM

Red Barn Mercantile – Alexandria, Virginia.

How she started here.

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