New Years Resolutions: 36 Things in 365 Days


It’s back to reality after an amazing week at home with family for Christmas and a long weekend at the beach with L for New Years. It went by fast and I didn’t want it to end, but I’m also excited for what 2016 has in store.

Every January, lots of people (including myself) make resolutions only to break them a few weeks later. This year, I wanted to do something different.

Back in October I made a list of 36 things I wanted to do in the next 365 days, which I am tracking here. The list includes things like traveling, trying new things and saving money. When I first thought of the idea, I was going to wait and start in January, but decided there was no reason not to get started then. I’m excited to try and accomplish as many things on the list as I can, which I will occasionally blog about here.

So far, I’ve completed 3 things and made progress on some others.

Donate blood: Donating blood was not bad at all (though there was a moment I thought I was going to faint). I had never done it before, and will definitely do it again. It’s pretty cool that a simple thing like this can make a big difference.

Travel to a new city: Back in November, L and I traveled to the suburbs of Chicago to celebrate L’s nephew’s first birthday. We also spent a day in Milwaukee, which I had never visited. Even though it was bitterly cold, we had a fun time walking around the city and seeing some interesting things. Also ate some great Pakistani food!

Leave a 100% tip for great service: L and I ate at the restaurant she used to work at in high school and tipped our waitress, who has worked there for a long time and is always really friendly, 100%. It felt good to recognize her hard work in a small way.


Do you have any new years resolutions? Consider making a 36 in 365 days list, and let me know if you do!


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